Conquering the Open Water

Well, it’s February in Florida and we’re celebrating the sunny, 72 degree weather out at Indian Rocks beach. Today marked two big steps in my IRONMAN 70.3 training, my first adventure with a wetsuit an my first 1-mile open water swim.

Even though it’s warm in the sun the 68 degree water temperature felt chilly and I began to panic as soon as my face hit the water. I’ve experienced the same thing in almost every triathlon I’ve done. There is something about the limited visibility and feeling of cold salt water that sends my into panic. I quickly got over it and took my time the first quarter mile. Taking breaks when I needed them and eventually getting into a rhythm.


About a half mile into the swim we encountered a school of flying fish. It was insane to look up to take a breath and see a fish fly by. Definitely not something I’ve experienced before. We made it a little over a mile according to the GPS. Thats the farthest I’ve ever swam in open water. Possibly the farthest I’ve swam ever.

At the end of it I feel proud. Although some triathletes do this a couple times a week it was a big accomplishment for me.


Then of course, what beach workout would be complete without a stop at the local donut shop.


Patrick got this massive cinnamon donut.

And I had a banana and a water. My goodness our tastes are different.